Music Machine
What would your favorite music streaming app look like if it were a machine? This 40-second motion graphics project aimed to visualize the inner workings of apps like Spotify or Apple Music in the form of a machine, complete with knobs, levers, and a screen that moves with the music. 

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McNally Jackson Fictional Rebrand
Inspired by books on a shelf, this fictional rebrand for McNally Jackson Independent Booksellers is a modular, fresh take on a classic brand identity. 

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Publication: A Brief History on Coffee
Students were tasked to take a longform Wikipedia article and lay out the subject into a publication. For this project, I chose the Wikipedia article on coffee and then chose my primary typeface based on what I associate coffee with. To me, coffee is classic and timeless, thus my primary typeface choice of GT Sectra — a serif typeface with a classic yet modern flair.

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Album redesign concept for Phoenix’s album, Bankrupt!
Phoenix is an indie-pop band from Paris, France whose 2013 album, Bankrupt! makes one think of synth melodies and bursts of color. For this project, students were tasked to redesign an album cover of their choice all while keeping in mind the work and concepts of the designer assigned to them.

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Design concepts for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF)
The concepts used for this particular student project were inspired from the work of Bradbury Thompson and Theo Ballmer — namely, Thompson’s use of duotone, CMYK images, and Ballmer’s use of large, bold typography in contrast with much smaller type.

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Curator: An NYC Local Art App Concept
Curator, aims to elevate New York City’s local art scene alongside museums and galleries that are already well known by the public, such as The Met, Guggenheim, or the Whitney, by providing users with a directory of lesser known (but equally as important) galleries and museums around the city.

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The GUIDON’s “Down from the Hill” Anniversary Special
In commemoration of the manifesto’s 50th anniversary, The GUIDON’s Graphic Design staff, along with Editor-in-Chief Michelle Abad and Design Executive Editor Maxine Garcia, decided to recreate the layout design of The GUIDON from 1968 for the November-December 2018 issue of publication. As the Graphic Design Editor, I spearheaded the overall creative direction and layout design of the issue.

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Philippine Mango Postage Stamp
As part of the Parsons AAS Communication Design admission requirements, I illustrated and designed a postage stamp featuring the native Philippine mango, highlighting its tropical yellow color and iconic way of slicing it.

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Film Archive
For my final Core 1: Interaction (Coding) project, I coded and designed online archive for all the film photos I have taken throughout the years, categorizing them by season and year. Every time the viewer refreshes the landing page, the photos in the background change position and sometimes overlap, which alludes to film transparencies and multiple exposures.

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